Lower Lovell

Our Archbishop of Milwaukee Facebook page reposts verbatim Marquette President James Lovell's statement on the University's announced effort to fire Professor John McAdams. Perhaps the ArchMil empathisizes with the University's approach to public relations.

Early on President Lovell says,

"Until all procedures required under university rules and policies are complete, we will not publicly disclose further details."
But this sounds like apophasis given that he later says,
"We must always remember that academic freedom must be grounded in integrity, be accurate at all times and show respect for others’ opinions. When these standards are not met, the power of tenure can abuse and silence our students – the very minds we are seeking to cultivate, grow and ultimately transform."
I thought this was about public criticism of a graduate student instructor's teaching, so why is it being spun as abusing a student?

And why is our Archdiocese seconding that characterization? In a different context, but not that long ago, it was pushing a narrow definition of abuse as a reason not to remove someone from his position.

As it stands, between them, a priest being unable to keep his hands to himself with grade school kids is not abuse, and not a firing offense, but a professor criticizing a graduate student instructor by name is.

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Anonymous said...

Archbishop Listecki should clean up his own house first.