Wis Catholic Conference director gives testimony on right to work bill

MADISON – State legislators debating a right to work bill must put the common good of workers and employers before all other interests, the Wisconsin Catholic Conference executive director said in testimony at the state capitol Feb. 24.

During testimony given on Senate Bill 44, John Huebscher, WCC executive director, told the Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform Feb. 24 that the rights of workers and employees must be respected in any legislation offered.

Huebscher said the church’s moral voice on social matters such as worker rights is based on Catholic social teaching, “which consists of seven essential principles, one of which is the ‘Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers.’”

In his testimony, Huebscher quoted the state bishops’ 2015 Public Policy Positions document.
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  1. Free association is a natural right also. No one should be compelled to join an organization whose political views are contrary to Church teaching. Big Labor overwhelmingly supports candidates who are pro abortion and anti traditional marriage. No one should be forced to participate in those moral wrongs as a condition of employment. Today's Big Labor is not what Leo XIII was talking about. Once again we have the Catholic Conference supporting Democrat politics in an area that has wide prudential judgement. You would have thought that they would have learned their lesson from the restrictions on religious liberty as a result of Obamacare. There time would have been better spent getting people back to the confessionals.


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