Archbishop Listecki on the logos

From his latest post at the Love One Another weblog.
"The most current logo of the archdiocese is the outline of the State of Wisconsin with a cross superimposed and an outline of the 10 counties that make up southeastern Wisconsin, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Because the Synod created a new moment in the history of the archdiocese, it is now time for a new logo, a new sign which will reflect the importance of this moment in our history. This new archdiocesan logo is an adaptation of the 2014 Synod logo with only a slight modification."


  1. Here in Milwaukee, nobody is talking about the synod, except the minority who had something to do with it last summer. Everyday Catholics could care less. Even the promotional video for the synod, showing what a "success" it was, makes manifest the liturgical confusion that has become so normative here, i.e., proliferation of so-called Eucharistic Ministers, faulty notions of "active participation" and so on. In all of it's presentations of liturgy, not one example of the Latin Mass is shown. A reform of this archdiocese should begin with the removal of the multifarious liturgical abuses that are so common at most parishes here. The archdiocese itself has lost such credibility with so many Catholics because of it's bungling (naming a cathedral building center after Archbishop Weakland???) that many have simply tuned out.

  2. If Archbishop Listecki was really concerned about a new direction for the Archdiiocese of Milwaukee, he would get rid of the Weakland people who enmasse are in leadership positions. I'm afraid a new logos is not going to do it.


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