Franciscan Sisters Self-Help Discernment Questions

From a reader:
Hello Matt. As I conduct research for religious orders, it’s apparent to me many young adults don’t all have a clear understanding of religious and consecrated life. I mean some of those who have attended Catholic Grade School, High School and are involved with Newman Centers. But yet, in some cases, they have very little direct interaction with any religious. So, some of those who be beginning to to discern their vocation don’t know where to start. A good and simple resource for beginning to discern, developed by two sensitive and insightful Franciscan Sisters.
Very true, when I taught Confirmation prep, kids literally had a hard time comprehending the concept.
Here are some questions Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Anne Marie Lom and Sister Carmen Marie Diaz prepared as a self-help jump start to personal discernment before their recent presentation at Roncalli High School, Manitowoc, WI. They may prove to also be a helpful to you.

Questions to ask yourself if you think you might have a religious vocation
  1. Have you found yourself thinking a lot about religious life lately?
  2. Do you have a caring heart, compassion for helping those in need?
  3. Is your relationship with God just as important as your relationship with your friends?
  4. Are you level-headed, a critical thinker, adventurous, flexible, and willing to learn from failures as well as successes?
  5. Are you attracted to spiritual things (service to others, spending time in prayer, reading about the Saints or reading the Bible, talking to others about God, etc.)
  6. Level of commitment-one year; two year or a lifetime?
  7. Serving God necessitates a joyful and humble spirit. Are you both?
  8. Over 18, healthy spiritually, physically and psychologically?
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