HTR Manitowoc: Ugandan Sister excited to take classes at Silver Lake College

So I go on a bit of a rant, but then find another fine piece in a secular paper on a Catholic topic. 
MANITOWOC – The first thing Sister Maddy Takyala of Uganda wanted to do when her plane landed in Milwaukee earlier this winter was to touch the snow.

With daytime temperatures in her native country reaching the 80s and 90s all year long, she had never seen — except in the movies — the fluffy white stuff that now surrounded her.

“It was too cold,” Takyala said, shaking her head as she recalled her first real-life contact.

She was on her way to Manitowoc to study at Silver Lake College, with plans to earn her education degree so she could return home to teach.

After an arduous journey that included delays, canceled flights and lost luggage, she finally arrived at what would become her second home for the next several years.

Sister Maddy, 25, is among eight international Sister students being sponsored this year by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, founders of the college.

The youngest of 11 children, she was the first in her family to leave her country.

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