N. Ireland’s singing trio, ‘The Priests,’ to perform in Green Bay March 20

GREEN BAY — They call themselves “The Priests” because that’s what these Irishmen are, and they sing their faith to audiences around the world. On March 20, they’ll be at the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts in Green Bay as a part of a short U.S. tour.

However, they’re not just singers who happen to be priests. Their priestly vocation is front and center in their lives, and all are pastors in churches about 40 minutes away from each other in Northern Ireland.

“We are, all three of us, ordained over 25 years now, and in that time the parish has always been the focus of ministry, with God’s help,” Fr. Martin O’Hagan said in response to a set of questions emailed to him in Ireland. They are away from those parishes only two to three weeks a year, which also includes their holiday time. In fact, clauses in their contract emphasize the priority of their pastoral work.

“Even though we have been singing together for 40 years, our parishioners form a crucial part of the journey. They are delighted at the sense of ministry that the music involves, and we keep our parishioners informed about the concerts on a regular basis. In many ways, the parishioners are right in there with us, and there is a humble pride on their part in what we do.”
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