Recap of Cardinal Raymond Burke's Visit to the United Kingdom

Cardinal Burke offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at the "Dome of Home"
Catholics who believe, uphold and who strive to live the Church's timeless teachings - followers of Jesus Christ - feel at once undervalued and overwhelmed by the direction the Church appears to be taking at the current time. As members of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, all Catholic bloggers who have joined made known their commitment to the Magisterium of the Church, the Church's infallible teachings. Little did we know when we established this online blogging community devoted to the New Evangelisation, that the Magisterium would come under such grave threats as it does in the current day from within.

Defender of the Faith at the Synod on the Family

It is no surprise therefore that so many Catholics who feel confused and pained by events in Rome during, for instance, the Synod on the Family last year, look forward with trepidation to the Synod's conclusions this year in October. Public and prominent critics of both the manipulation that took place at the Synod and of the ambiguous language contained within the Synod's chief documents look for members of the Hierarchy to speak clearly of Jesus Christ and His saving truth. There are a number who have spoken out publicly in defence of Christ's own teachings on marriage and the family, but they are not a great many.

Step forward, then, the man who emerged at the Synod as the leader of those voicing utmost concern at the concerning scenes that took place last year, Cardinal Raymond Burke. Cardinal Burke already had numerous enemies on the outside, and has made several enemies in high places in the Church, but to meet Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke you would never know that he was under any kind of strain. If this man has the weight of the crisis in the Church on his shoulders, he does not let that show. His charisma, if we can call it charisma, is quiet, prayerful, reflective but the difference between him and many of his brother bishops and cardinals appears like night and day. It was a great honour, as Chairman of The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma, to be present at a wonderful talk given by Cardinal Burke in Chester and to be present at a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the magnificent 'Dome of Home', Sts Peter, Paul and Philomena in New Brighton.
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  1. Cardinal Raymond Burke interprets Church documents with an irrational premise and conclusion and offers the Traditional Latin Mass

    Cardinal Raymond Burke approved Fr. John Hardon's error


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