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I’m just finishing, “The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics,” by Daniel James Brown about the gold medal rowing team during the Olympics in Nazi Germany. It’s about the American team from Seattle and their struggles, a book that has a spirit of unbroken in it.

Often during the summer, I take a look at what might be hot and then I usually grab ahold of it, or, I sometimes will take a look at a book that I’ve already read before.

Last year I finished “1984” and it brought kind of a smile to my face just to see the things that they were worried about, some of the things that are happening today.

I would say what’s on my reading list will be whatever new Dean Koontz book is available, because he’s a favorite of mine. Michael Connelly is another favorite. I’m immediately drawn to their style of presentation and really like both of them.

I just finished Stephen King’s latest, “Mr. Mercedes,” and if you’re faint of heart, you don’t want to read that one, because it’s really brutal to begin with.

There’s one, “Odd Apocalypse,” part of a series of books by Koontz on Brother Odd, a character that’s able to see those who have died, but nobody else can. I just got an autographed book by Dean Koontz in the Odd series, which was kind of neat.
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Why do I love distopias?  I have 1984 on my list.  I recently finished Lord of the World.  I wanted to reread Fahrenheit 451, just because it comes to mind so much.

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