Bishop Morlino: Violence is now the drug of choice

When I speak to Confirmation candidates, I usually speak of the temptation to get discouraged in this world, and the means people choose to “escape.”

It used to be that people thought it was enough to escape from their troubles through alcohol, through sex, through funny cigarettes, and that was bad enough. Those who were discouraged would just enter into some artificial, temporary paradise and try to cope with their situation (in vain). But, in recent times, the great escape route, the drug of choice, is turning out to be violence.

Violence is not only where one harms oneself or takes one’s own life, but one somehow feels justified in taking 150 people with himself.

That is a sign of the darkness of the culture of death. A sign of the deep, deep darkness of evil. A sign of the deep, terrible world of Satan himself. Satan is the great deceiver who convinces those already tempted toward despair that there is nothing left for them, and that nothing holds any value. That is the sad reality highlighted by the horror in the French Alps, but which is creeping in on us even in our own communities and homes.

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