Michelle Malkin speaks of importance of pro-life cause at recent WRTL benefit

Executive Badger decision: I will report on WRTL, although I do not endorse it.

Keynote speaker Michelle Malkin spoke passionately about the pro-life issue, saying, "This is a life or death matter. If we can't get this right, we can't get anything right." Thanks Marquette Students for Life for the picture!
via WRTL


  1. Why do you not endorse WRTL? I'm unfamiliar with the organization.

    1. There's a definitive line between organizations in the pro-life movement, the 100% pro-life variety which I support, and then there's the politically palatable variety that are "neutral" on issues like contraception but end up de-facto supporting it. WRTL also supports exceptions in abortion restrictions (like exception in case of incest), which end up rendering legislation (such as the partial birth abortion ban) meaningless. They also unconvincingly oppose Personhood amendments.

      You can look through the old posts here:

      In the end, there's probably room for both; politicians can at least pretend to be pro-life which is at least could influence the culture somewhat, but is ineffective at any meaningful legislation.


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