"Roots in Faith" Party and Final Mass at St. Cecilia in Wisconsin Dells

St. Cecilia Catholic Church is on the verge of building a new church to host its parishioners and the droves of guests that frequent the Wisconsin Dells. A necessary part of this process involves taking down the current church building, built in the early 1900s. The last Mass at the old church will be celebrated at 5pm on Sunday, May 17th, with a "Roots in Faith" party afterward. At that gathering, historic photos will be on display, hogs will be roasted, and a celebration of the faith history in the Dells should ensue. If you are connected to St. Cecilia's in some way or are otherwise interested in the event, check out the parish's announcement here.
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Hope the new church is as beautiful as the old...

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  1. >>Hope the new church is as beautiful as the old...

    Actually, I suspect Bp. Morlino recently appointed Fr. Eric Sternberg as pastor to ensure just that.


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