Sunday at the Assembly without God

Molly Worthen's op-ed, 'Wanted: A Theology of Atheism, in The New York Times includes a visit to
"...Sunday Assembly, a godless alternative to church founded in London in 2013."
What's a modern Sunday service without some non-traditional music?
"The band led us in secular 'hymns' like 'Walking on Sunshine' and 'Lean on Me.'"
As churches often do, these atheists aspire to be welcoming.
"How will these nonbelievers do that? By focusing on a '100 percent celebration of life'; and being 'radically inclusive,' according to Sunday Assembly’s non-creedal creed."
Titled The Public Charter.

Its non-worship service has similarities, Worthen says, to those of evangelical Protestants.

"The meeting last month even featured a ritual that echoed the ancient Christian practice of the Passing of the Peace, the moment when congregants reconcile with one another, often by shaking hands."
If you think your parish gets carried away with this (or even adds hand-holding during The Lord's Prayer), you can still count your blessings.
"Instead, the Assembly leader asked us to turn to our neighbors for a quick thumb-wrestling match."

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