Bp. Morlino on Vicki McKenna show discussing "Laudato si’"

Yesterday His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, the Extraordinary Ordinary of Madison, was on with a popular radio show host, Vicki McKenna – who really ought to have a national show! – to talk about Laudato si.

Also, since Rush’s critical remarks about the encyclical were played in the program, you might want to check his first two hours yesterday. He also took on Card. Wuerl, who had attacked Rush on Fox News Sunday. HERE

Bp. Morlino had a great hour. One of this things he mentioned was a troubling phrase in the encyclical, “integral ecology”. You can listen to the hour for free HERE.

In some spheres, “integral ecology” is troubling.
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Unknown said...

Do not shackle unfettered capitalism or Morlino's $30 million goal will not be reached. Is it the bishop or the Holy Spirit who is the source of vocations?