Mike Sweeney Catholic Baseball Camp in Chicago July 20-22

I am excited to come to bring this to Illinois and share this wonderful experience!

I have had the good fortune of running "Christian" Baseball Camps for years. While playing for the Kansas City Royals, I'd host a camp where we would play baseball all day and conclude with me sharing with the kids my real love in life. Baseball? No . . . . JESUS! Yes! These camps were very popular and were attended by as many as 350 kids annually.

When I retired I returned to the San Diego area and God brought the idea of doing something similar under the California sun. Now I am excited to expand our camp to the Chicago area. I came to realize that there were many Christian baseball camps but to my knowledge nothing like this had ever been done! I wanted to create an authentically Catholic three-day Baseball Camp/Retreat where kids will see their baseball skills improve and their faith come alive.

We will start each day with Mass, memorize scripture, and pray a "Baseball Field Live Rosary" as a group. Confession will be offered daily by an inspiring group of Priests.

One of the beautiful legacies of the 2013 San Diego camp was the opportunity to share this camp with kids and parents from all over the country. One of my good friends Fr. Burke Masters worked our camp in Seattle in 2014. Fr. Burke wanted to bring it back to Illinois. Although you need not be Catholic to attend, this will be an authentically Catholic experience where kids will learn from men who have years of Major League Baseball experience. We are limiting the camp to 150 attendees ages 8-16 to ensure they get the best one-on-one attention and instruction. Hope you will join us! Our goal is to hit a home run for Jesus!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    I have two kids going to the camp, so maybe they'll "report" on it for the Badger Catholic Blog at the end of next month!


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