Scott Walker Drafts a Home-Schooled Army

When Scott Walker talks about education—whether he’s in the parking lot of Office Products Co. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, or on stage at Disney World in front of deep-pocketed, business-friendly donors—he mentions home schooling.

Perhaps more than any other 2016er, Walker is consistent and vocal in acknowledging that home schooling is a valid form of education—and this support could pay huge political dividends in the Republican primary.

He mentioned it in his 2015 budget address, in his 2014 State of the State speech, in his 2015 inaugural address, and all over the campaign trail, as well as at Governor Rick Scott’s invite-only event in Disney last week for business power brokers.

This is by design.

In an exclusive Q&A with The Daily Beast, Walker expressed deep affection and support for parents who teach their kids at home.
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