How to Proselytize

Tip feature by Malia Wollan in The New York Times Magazine.
"'Your appearance matters,' says Mario Dias, who manages the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints training center in São Paulo, Brazil, which each year prepares 3,500 young Mormons from all over the world for one-and-a-half-to-two-year missions in the country.
"Raised as a Catholic, Dias was baptized as a Mormon at 18, three months after he began meeting with missionaries. During his own two-year mission, he converted 70 people and talked to an estimated 3,100. ..."

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  1. How not to Proselytise: have your 18 mo. old fall down and bust his lip open and have your 3yr old suddenly need to pee so bad that he wets himself a little while the JWs are at the door and you've been tracking their progress through the neighborhood all morning waiting for them to come to your house.


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