You can't have too many New Pentecosts

Scott Bauer's Associated Press report that the 'Milwaukee archdiocese settles for $21 million' in the Wisconsin Law Journal included,
"'This settlement represents for us in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee a new Pentecost, a day of rebirth that renews our focus on word, worship and service,' [Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome] Listeki said."
At the Archdiocese's website we can still view the video from the 2014 Synod: A New Pentecost.

Looks like there's bound to be another one before long.


M. Prodigal said...

God help us!

Badger Catholic said...


Anonymous said...

What is Archbishop Listecki smoking? He thinks this settelment is a "new Pentecost?" Not only have the victims and their families been betrayed by the intitial acts of abuse, but their treatment to this very day has alienated many families for generations from the church. I don't know who Archbishop Listecki talks to, but he really does need a reality check.