Abp Listecki receives email threats

I'm a couple weeks behind, let me know if there's any updates.
MILWAUKEE —Police are investigating threats against the Milwaukee archbishop sent via email.

As the head of Milwaukee's Catholic archdiocese, Archbishop Jerome Listecki has found himself at the center of many public controversies -- priest sexual abuse, gay marriage and a papal portrait woven with condoms.

Newly unsealed court records show Listecki was the target of two threatening emails in May.

The first read, "Archbishop Listecki, your behavior and attitude reflects that you're a loser. I have been indirectly responsible for the murder of at least 80 people in the Milwaukee area."

The writer appears to believe the archbishop has some relationship to Marquette's law school, which he doesn't, and threatened, "Your kids coming out of Marquette law are spineless, common, simple thinkers. There have already been about 25 killed. You want more? I was raised to do this."
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