Busy little bee roundup

"Tell me what you've been doing busy little bee."

I think most of my kids got stung by bees this past weekend.

Terry has done a good job adding to the Badger Catholinks page on top here.  I'd like to try to create an aggregate feed for all of it, but we shall see what time allows.  It would be nice if the WCCs of the world would create consumable feeds, presumably we are supposed to check daily for press releases? Badger Catholic 3.0 is in it's fetal stages so I hope to keep Planned Projecthood far away as it would probably want to chop it up into pieces and sell the parts for research.

I've got a couple side project besides the blog right now.  So I'm only a part time blogger for a bit, I suppose.  

Here's one of em.  When it was clear that marriage was indeed under attack a few years ago, I wanted to do more than just sit in a constant defensive position.  The Church through her history is most successful when it isn't just defensive.  We need to create.  Beauty and truth.  That old schtick.  So I contacted Matthew Alderman and commissioned a beautifully crafted marriage certificate.  The idea being evangelize with art and beauty, like a Baroque chapel with every inch in full decorum.  I don't yet have the whole Cardinal Burke only-sleep-a-few-hours thing down yet, so I haven't completed the launch.  Originally I was just going to sell it myself on Amazon Prime, but I haven't liked the printings that I've tried yet so I'm looking at a couple other options.  Any ideas with someone familiar with printing please let me know.

Note: I will be one of the blogger Q/A moderators for Argument of the Month on October 13th.

If this isn't the most self serving update I've ever posted, why don't I continue.  I'm also training for my first marathon so these multi hour runs have also killed my free time.  Yeah, I'm in it for the obnoxious sticker.  

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