Tabernacle stolen from St. Paul church, "rolled" down the sidewalk, police seek suspects

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A St. Paul church was burglarized and police are now seeking the suspects.

The thieves stole a vessel worth $15,000 that has been at the St. Pascal Baylon Catholic Church for nearly 15 years.

"I literally felt sick to my stomach," the Rev. Michael Byron said.

The tabernacle is an item found in every Catholic Church and at St. Pascal Baylon, it's kept in an alcove behind the main altar. But Friday morning, a volunteer broke the bad news.

"He knocked on my door, the volunteer did, and said, 'Where's the tabernacle?' I said, 'What do you mean where's the tabernacle?' He said, 'It's missing,'" Byron said.

Byron said nothing else was taken, and there's not even a trace of any vandalism.

"Obviously what is a very prominent, solid bronze, gleaming vessel is gone," he said.

Surveillance video shows three men rolling the 50 pound holy object on the sidewalk right outside the church toward Conway Street. But this entire crime is just a head-scratcher for the church.
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