Chicago Archdiocese defends record as film about Boston priest abuse nears release

In an unprecedented public relations maneuver, top Chicago Archdiocese officials met with several newspapers this week — days before the big screen release of a star-studded Hollywood drama depicting the Boston Globe’s 2002 expose on clergy sex abuse — to say, basically: “Don’t confuse us with Boston.”

Vicar General Ronald Hicks, second-in-command to Archbishop Blase Cupich, explained the proactive stance to the Sun-Times’ editorial board earlier this week.

“We think there’s a possibility that there’s going to be new energy and new questions around this and what we want to do is make sure that the media knows that Chicago is extremely different in handling the case of clerical sexual abuse of minors than Boston and how it’s being portrayed in the movie.”
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  1. The Vicar-General took up his position and spoke this statement, 'O Press, we thank you to remember that we are not like some other dioceses--or even like Boston.'

  2. Well, I certainly do not know the particulars, but I would bet that Chicago did not act any differently than any other diocese on this matter. Circle the wagons and get the offending priest a new job ASAP. Those who dutifully cover up, were rewarded by the Church.


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