First Things - November 2015 free samples

This issue includes:

Re-educate for America, by Malcolm Rivers,
"I’d heard the same remarks over and over, and the time had long passed when I could shrug it off as harmless grousing by overwhelmed novice teachers. My peers were grumbling about the very people they had pledged to help, treating their students not as needy minds but as examples of backward social attitudes. Their condescension was shocking, though they still believed in their charitable motives.

"This was not what I expected when I signed up for Teach for America that March."
A Church of Empire: Why the Russian Church Chose to Bless Empire, by Sergei Chapnin,
"After 2000, almost imperceptibly at first, but then more and more overtly, the Russian state abandoned the democratic model for an imperial one. It did so out of a desire to play a larger role in international politics and to overcome, in the eyes of Russians, the humiliation it had suffered with the collapse of the Soviet Union. As the state became imperial, so did the Church. As a result, ideas of what it meant to advance the Church changed radically."
Children of Desire, by Julia Yost, review of We Believe the Children: A Moral Panic in the 1980s, by Richard Beck

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