GoFundMe: Shrine of Christ the King Chicago: "fully committed to carry on the work of restoration, in spite of the devastating fire"

Before: Regina Mag
After: Chicago Trib
The Infant King statue was still standing atop the High Altar when the firefighters found it. “Even with all the jet streams, he was not knocked down,” said the Rev. Michael Stein, a canon at the shrine. “He is three centuries old and he did not go up in flames.” The statue did lose an arm, and its vestments were covered in ash, but Stein pointed out that the statue’s remaining hand was still held up in a sign of blessing: “That he was saved shows our story isn’t over here, he’s still with us, his hand is still raised in blessing,” Stein said.

On October 7th, a fire broke out in the Shrine of Christ the King church, adjacent to the headquarters office of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Chicago. Evidence indicate that the fire began late at night in the wooden choir loft, and quickly spread through the church. The 3-alarm fire took 150 firefighters several hours to bring the flames under control. No one was hurt, thankfully, but substantial damage was done.

This church has an aura of hope. The Canons and staff at the Shrine are fully committed to carry on the work of restoration, in spite of the devastating fire.

Please donate and help restore this Chicago church, help it rise again, for the sake of the children, the families, and the neighborhood.

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