Happy Birthday Badger Catholics!

Six years old!  How time flies.

Last year just for fun I went and found Terry Nelson's first post in 2006, which he has apparently subsequently removed. And our own Terry Berres has been doing this "since March 24, 1996." Father Z himself since 2005.

Yes, and of course our patron

They were not professional soldiers but they venerated St. John so highly that they would follow him anywhere. Priests and religious came with the new contingents, celebrating Mass, chanting their office, and hearing confessions. One soldier is said to have remarked, "We have a holy captain. We must avoid all sin." The battle cry St. John gave them was "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"
Nothing like a fight to the death to get that piety flowing through the veins.  I recommend Islam at the Gates by Diane Moczar.  You will find many similarities in Capistrano's feats to those of one Gandalf the Grey.

Gustave Doré even did a sketch
Don't fear the historical revisionists.

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