MilCatHerald: Packers Assistant David Raih Guided By Faith

Packers offensive assistant David Raih (pronounced “rye”) keeps a note in his Lambeau Field office. It reads “God will not bless what you do not do. God blesses doers.”

Subscribing to this message has worked for Raih, in his second year in Green Bay. Guided by faith, he has followed his insticts and has taken risks on a journey from an unfulfilling path to the NFL.

Raih, 35, grew up in Edina, Minn., the fourth eldest of five boys in an athletic family. His father, Tom, an orthopedic surgeon who coached his sons in youth sports, scored more than 1,000 points as a college basketball player. His mother, Mollie, a teacher, was a Rocky Mountain ski instructor.

Raih affectionately describes his mother as “strict, convicted and talented.” He admires his father for his hard work, inspiration and selfless generosity.
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