TAS: Pope Francis Reaps The Wuerlwind

No American cardinal has benefited more from the current pontificate than Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. Wuerl is basking in the liberal glow of Francis, enjoying in the twilight of his ecclesiastical career a series of plum assignments.

He is selecting heterodox archbishops for the Church in America, such as Chicago’s BlasĂ© Cupich and San Diego’s Robert McElroy, from his powerful seat on the Congregation for Bishops, an appointment Francis tossed to him in 2013. That appointment, which knocked the conservative cardinal Raymond Burke off the Congregation for Bishops, cleared the path for American prelates in the mold of Cupich. Wuerl’s influence is also seen at the calamitous synod on the family still underway in Rome. Wuerl is one of the ten cardinals chosen by Francis to write the synod’s final document.

Wuerl’s man in Chicago, Archbishop Cupich, has already announced to the press that he favors a revision to canon law that would allow people in adulterous and homosexual relationships to receive the Eucharist. Cupich informed reporters that he has distributed to all Chicago priests the proposal of the German cardinal Walter Kasper, which argues that the Church should extend the sacraments to people in a state of adultery.

These are heady days for Wuerl, who just last year had a Pittsburgh high school named in his honor, “Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School.” How does naming Church institutions after yourself square with the “humble” Church of Pope Francis? That’s one question the fawning reporters around Wuerl won’t ask him.

What will students at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School be learning? “Social justice,” according to the former archbishop of Pittsburgh. “A good Catholic school introduces us to all the obligations of social justice,” Wuerl said at its opening.
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I'm not sure I agree with Neumayr on everything here (I take no issue with Wuerl HS naming), but an interesting read.

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