Abp. Listecki on Archdiocese Reorganization & Settlement

In my past as a priest and civil lawyer representing the Church, there were times I would need to be in the courtroom. Yesterday, I was back in federal court for the confirmation hearing on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s Plan of Reorganization in its Chapter 11 proceeding.

After nearly five years of this legal proceeding, Judge Susan V. Kelley confirmed the archdiocese’s Plan of Reorganization and paved the way for the church to emerge from bankruptcy.

Although we worked very hard these past five years to get to this point, I feel little satisfaction in the outcome. In 2011, I wrote to you and said that the archdiocese wants to do as much as we can, as fairly as we can, to compensate abuse survivors. Yet, I know that no amount of money can ever restore what was taken from abuse survivors.

I told you that I want to ensure we could continue to carry on the essential ministries of the Church so we can meet the needs of our parishes, parishioners and others who rely upon the Church for assistance. At the same time, I see the cutbacks in personnel and ministries that have been made over the past 10 years and also realize we will emerge from Chapter 11 with more than $7 million of debt.
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  1. His treatment of the victims make the Archdiocese look very bad. He should be ashamed of himself.

  2. This archdiocese, for the arrogance of its leaders and administrators, has to be pruned and winnowed down...at least the bureaucratic behemoth that hides behind various "ministry" offices. If those offices are doing such great work, why is the state of the Church in Milwaukee so sad?

    Was Archbishop Listecki given a horrible situation when he took over? Yes. What has he done to fundamentally turn the page from the Weakland era? Well, look around and much of Weakland's personnel and loyalists still run the show here. So that's a pretty easy question to answer. What is it that makes (and made) Listecki and Dolan incapable of cleaning house here?

    1. Agreed the archdiocese is in trouble and much has not changed, but the article was in relation to the settlement, not in how catecatics is being handled> +Listecki has a lot on his plate from his own time here along with the garbage he inherited. I for one am glad that this chapter is done, going forward is his legacy in this see

  3. Good question, Anonymous@10:17PM! Does anyone have more "insider" type info as to why on earth the Weaklandites are still allowed to run nearly every aspect of the archdiocesan bureaucracy? At least Dolan flushed out the seminary, and it's a lot better now. Why can't Listecki clean house?


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