Out of the office for a week

Taking my babe to NYC.  BTW, send me suggestions, we're out seeing the sites.  Turns out the Badgers play at Madison Square Garden while we are there, oh how I love Divine Providence.  I'm hoping to show up at some archdiocesan event so I can get thrown around by the Cardinal Dolan security detail.

I'll probably be tweeting a bit on the news but that's it, no blogging.  ....Man, I have not been posting much about Abp. Cupich but what a disaster this guy is.  I'll do a real post when I get back and the USCCB dust has settled.  What a polarizing idealogue.... Okay, well, just to sum up, here's what this guy has been up to.

Archbishop Cupich pushes Kasper theology

You always want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, right. I've gone out of my way to pray for Cdl Wuerl over the years and now Cupich, and just make sure the interior life is getting a workout with the whole praying for enemies thing.  So we must always remember to do good to those who do not return the favor.  ... but that said, there's no longer any doubt.

Well this I guess is a roundabout way of saying....

AND, did you know this existed in real life??

NYFD Hook and Ladder #8 (Ghostbusters Firehouse)

SOoooooooooo, yeah, that's the long way of saying I'll be in Gotham for the next week and not posting on this blog.


  1. Wow - you'll be on the front lines in the war there. All the terrorists and stuff.

    Prayers for a good trip and a safe one.

    Give Dolan a big old chest bump if you run into him. LOL!

  2. I'm generally not in the business of bishop-bashing, but I agree with you about Abp. Cupich. This man is an utter disaster as a prelate....and still 9 more years until his retirement. I fear that he will do untold damage until then.


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