Fox Lake priest stirs controversy after telling man to "Go Away" at Communion because he was kneeling

After kneeling for Holy Communion at this past weekend's Sunday Mass, the presiding priest instructed me it wasn't allowed and that I should "Go away."

While home visiting my family for Thanksgiving, we attended the 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass at Annunciation Catholic Parish in Fox Lake, Wisconsin in the archdiocese of Milwaukee. After receiving Holy Communion kneeling — the standard practice until recent decades — Fr. Mike Wild, pastor of the parish, informed me on leaving the Church that "we stand for Communion at this Church; the bishops want us to stand."

I immediately challenged Fr. Wild. "That's definitely not true, Father, and if you want to argue with me I've studied this topic in depth," to which Fr. Wild, only 20 minutes removed from his stirring sermon about the joy of the Advent season, shouted at me "Just go away!" — embarrassing me in front of my family and the many parishioners filing out of church.
I reached out to the archdiocese of Milwaukee for a statement but as of press time have received no response.
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  1. Over at St. Alphonsus in Greendale, our former pastor handled this issue differently.

    1. I'm sure the many seminarians coming from St. Al's would agree with him.

  2. Don't expect any statement from the Archdiocese. Confusion and dissent reign supreme!

  3. Hey I used to go there. I took it to St Stanislaus a few years ago. Of course I have heard good things out of St Al's recently. I'm still working on a patent for a kneeler that works on a sloped surface.


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