Fugees Roundup

Statement of Wisconsin bishops on terrorist attacks and resettlement of Syrian refugees
We reaffirm our support for the resettlement of refugees from Syria and all other places where persecution, terrorism, and war have inflicted terrible suffering and forced people to flee for their lives.
Not clear if this means Catholics literally have a moral obligation to hypothetically resettle a Muslim man whom is a member of ISIS and is plotting to murder Americans.   Does Catholic Charities check refugees against the US Terrorist Watch list?

Ashland woman opens heart to call from God
A native of Ashland, Sr. Lucia – or Anya Gadamus, as she was then – attended Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School and graduated from Ashland High School in 2008.

Sr. Lucia grew up on a hunting preserve and spent a lot of time hiking, backpacking and camping. She was active in sports in high school; one of four valedictorians in her class, she liked art and traveling and spending time with friends.

Sr. Lucia is currently in her novitiate with the Missionaries of the Word. She makes her first vows with the 3-year-old, three-member community in April.
Cumberland man joins Capuchins

“I have been told I have a Franciscan heart,” Linton explained. “I have always wanted to life a simple life and to serve those in need. I am following the example of my parents. They have been devout in their faith and helping others. They are hard-wired for service. Turns out I am as well.”

Cardinal Burke: Marriage Catechesis Should Be Priority for Catholic Schools, Colleges
“It’s a primary responsibility” for Catholic schools to conduct age appropriate instruction for younger children, Cardinal Burke replied. “I remember when I was going to elementary school, we had the Baltimore Catechism and we were taught about marriage from the first years of school. Then as we got older, we got the second and third edition and it got more substantial, but it was always the same in building and growing.”

Catholic colleges and universities “most especially should be attentive both in what’s taught in the theology classes, but also in the discipline in the life of the university to reflect the truth about marriage,” he said, adding, “It is a great, great responsibility.”
Bishop Hying rededicates Carmelite Fathers church

Superior Cathedral profiled in SCH
What is something about your parish most people might not know?

“We currently have over 50 saint relics and are awaiting the opportunity to build a reliquary to house them.

We had a successful $2 million capital campaign to invest in the exterior of Cathedral school.”
“Of all the things that should be beautiful in the sacred liturgy, music is one of the most important ones,” said Abbot Marcel Rooney, OSB, to the attendees at the St. Thérèse Lecture November 20 at the Bishop O’Connor Catholic Center in Madison.

McAdams still waiting for Faculty Hearing Committee’s decision on whether to dismiss him from Marquette

WXOW: Pope Francis is undoubtedly a social media star
Recent Pew studies show only 16% of Millennials identify as Catholic out of the more than 65% who adhere to some sort of faith. Likewise, Pew research also shows nearly 80 percent of those raised Catholic who no longer identify with the religion cannot see returning.

"We're not just interested in numbers," said Diocese of La Crosse Bishop William Callahan. "[We're looking to alter] the ministry itself. What's going on in the Church? are we only open on Sundays?"
Video: Bishop David L. Ricken joined the GRACE School System to share his thoughts at the St. John Paul II Classical School.

Bishops place friendly wager on NDA-Catholic Memorial football game
Bishop Ricken bets cheese curds while Archbishop Listecki offers bratwursts

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