Holy Resurrection Monastery completes first step of repairs to building

Because of your kind and generous donations, we have completed the first step of our Go Fund Me repairs. THANK YOU! The soffit, fascia and trim are repaired and the building is now waterproof. Given the winter months and the precipitation they entail, this step will keep us from having to constantly pour money into patch jobs and allow us to focus on other essentials.

Through your donations we are already half way through the raising of the money to complete the second stage. This stage involves necessary interior repairs to the building. This step has grown in urgency as our community has increased in size. These repairs include fixing cracks which effect the structural integrity of the building, and repairing floors and ceilings in the monks living quarters which were damaged due to previous flooding. Having waterproofed the building, we are now prepared to move forward with this step. 5,000 dollars will bring this stage to completion.
In other news: We recently received Three new postulants into the Monastery. WE ARE GROWING!
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These repairs really are needed.  Please consider supporting the monks!

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