JS: Mosque planned for former St. Adalbert's site in South Milwaukee

A former Catholic church and school in South Milwaukee has been sold to a Muslim congregation for use as a mosque.

The former St. Adalbert's property, near 16th and Minnesota avenues, was sold last week for $600,000 to Masjid Al-Huda, said the Rev. Bob Betz, the pastor of Divine Mercy Catholic Community of South Milwaukee.

Masjid Al-Huda is located at 5075 S. 43rd St. in Greenfield.

Leaders of the mosque could not be reached for comment Monday.

South Milwaukee Mayor Erik Brooks said in a blog post that Masjid Al-Huda Milwaukee plans to use the facility for worship services, five per day between sunrise and sunset, as well as religious education for primarily middle and grade school-age children.
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.. For whatever reason, the City of South Milwaukee denied plan to convert church to apartments.

This is not the "Polish Cathedral" St. Adalbert's.

Transaction history at South Milwaukee Blog.


  1. This happened to my childhood parish in St. Paul! It's now a mosque. I'd rather see it torn down.

    1. What would newspapers say if Catholics bought out a mosque and made it a church I wonder.

    2. I literally cried my eyes out when I found out tonight.

    3. I literally cried my eyes out when I found out tonight.

  2. Sad. But this is probably just the first of many more to come. Yes, it'd be preferable to have them demolished. Hopefully the salvaged altars can go to a traditional parish somewhere.

  3. Well, thank the good Lord they didn't sell it to the Society of St. Pius X!!!

  4. Very sad indeed. I know that there are some churches in the Archdiocese that have recently been bought back from other religious groups that are always looking for sacred worship items (i.e.- Altars, statues, organ pipe parts). Maybe they can be of use?

  5. A growing trend...I wonder if they had sold it to the SSPX...


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