Marquette goes “gender neutral”

Marquette has, once again, decided to mock the faith upon which it was founded (that would be Catholic), this time by proudly becoming the eighth Jesuit college or university to offer gender-neutral bathrooms.

Why? Mary Janz, Marquette’s Director of Residence Life, said the move was made because more transgender persons are advocating for their rights. “We want all students to feel like they belong,” Janz said, noting the ‘Dignity, Resiliency, Solidarity: A Trans*pectrum Conference’ hosted by Marquette’s Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies in November.” (You can read all about the conference here).

We have questions…
  • How many transgendered students are there at Marquette to warrant this move? According to the university’s recently completed Climate Survey, about 20 or 0.5 % of the Marquette population.
  • How much is this bathroom makeover costing the university?”
  • With sexual assault evidently a significant problem on Marquette campus, is this a particularly prudent step to take?
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And they complain when we spend money making a church building more beautiful, you know, cuz that money should go to "the poor."


  1. Why is the charade of Catholicism at this university allowed to continue?

  2. That last point listed here in regards to sexual assault is particularly poignant.

  3. No Catholic pride. Scripture says only boast in the Cross. Here it is. The Cross. Catholic is boring. A she-man, a man-she. Now that's exciting. Poor Poor Jesus. God save us.


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