More on St. Stanislaus Milwaukee renovations

As St. Stanislaus approaches its 150th year anniversary preparations are being made to restore the Church to the greatest extent possible.

I would like to thank Matt of Badger Catholic for blogging about the restoration as well as the many other fine blogs you can see to the side from the area that have also chronicled the restoration. Another thank you to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for their generous post on the renovation!

A few pictures of the new stained glass windows and other parts of the renovation, followed by an explanation:
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James has a pdf that the Institute provided that explains the windows discovered were in very poor shape and couldn't be used as is.
Most of the material used in the original windows was opalescent glass produced in Kokomo, Indiana.  Since this manufacturer is still in existence today, artists were able to match replacement pieces to the original glass very closely.  Opalescent glass is highly textured, with many colors offering a range of tone throughout individual pieces.   Usable, recovered glass pieces will be incorporated into future designs wherever possible to retain a historic tie with the original windows. 

UPDATE: Also more details at Cream City Catholic

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  1. A great place and a blessing to have this church come back to life.


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