Abp. Listecki: The Mother of God is a Packers fan, time for a team pilgrimage to Good Help Shrine

I can assure you that if that had happened in a street football game in my childhood neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, there is no way a second coin flip would have been tolerated without yelling, shouting or throwing a few punches. If it was “re-tossed,” it would have been best two out of three.

There is no doubt that the Packers are a class organization. I know that any other team would have been moaning about the injuries that were sustained – not only in this playoff game, but all throughout the year. One key injury after another, and yet the Packers seemed to play through it and still capture the admiration of fans everywhere.

If there is a silver lining to this otherwise tragic playoff game, I believe that it is found in the area of spirituality. I don’t believe that there is any other team in the history of the NFL that was granted by God the completion of not one, but two Hail Mary passes in one professional season. If I am right, that means that the Mother of God is a Packers fan. Why not? The only officially recognized apparition in the United States is found in the Diocese of Green Bay at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, which is located in the community of Champion (Are we getting any hints of divine inspiration?), 4047 Chapel Dr., New Franken.

I would suggest that Coach McCarthy, as part of his pre-season practices this coming year, rent a bus and take his players to the Shrine. First, in gratitude for the two successful Hail Marys, we better say thank you – especially to Mother. Second, to dedicate the team to Our Lady of Good Help (so that injuries are kept to a minimum), while impressing upon the team their connection to the community of “Champion.”

Seriously, at least a private pilgrimage?  Protection from injuries isn't God picking sides.  Well, it makes the upcoming Green Bay Men's Conference interesting.... someone should ask the question!

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