Diocese of Marquette is getting a liturgical music overhaul

I received word that the Diocese of Marquette, Michigan, is getting a liturgical music overhaul. Based on the work of the previous bishop, now-Archbp. Alex Sample in Portland, Oregon, Bp. John Doerfler has issued a document that requires all the parishes to adopt a single diocesan-produced hymnal and that all parishes will learn to sing chants in both English and in Latin.

Someone sent the document to me, but since I didn’t see it on the diocesan website, I’ll not post it here… yet. Most of the document pertains to the development of the diocesan hymnal, but there is this:

“All parishes and schools will learn to chant the Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei from the Missa Iubilate Deo, and they will be sung by the congregation some of the time throughout the year.”
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