Mark Shea returns to Argument of the Month Jan 12th; topic: Vatican mandate to not convert Jews

Has the Modern Catholic Church abandoned the Great Commission?
Come early and go to Mass 5:30pm​ [TLM]

Only 400 Seats available!! Come Early!
I will open the doors early at 5pm. Get your seat and go to MASS! Lets fill the Church Men!

Click for a Map and Directions

Argument of the Month
408 3rd Street North
South Saint Paul, MN 55075
Argument of the Month

FYI, unfortunately I can't attend, but I highly recommend making the trip especially if you haven't attended AOTM in the past.


  1. hoping this will be recorded and posted unlike the voris shea debate

    fingers crossed

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed, I think Dale and him are pretty good friends. This should be a better format than last time, where as him and Voris were unable to stay on topic because of the history.

  3. Could someone give a little background on Shea-Voris debate? What happened there?



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