Always sad when a church like this is killed off

Crumbling towers at St. Adalbert sparked discussion about the changing needs of the Pilsen community. In 2014 scaffolding first went up around the church’s 185-foot bell towers. It would cost at least $2.5 million to repair the towers, a cost that does not include other building issues that have been discovered.

In the meantime, the archdiocese studied the community's changing demographics. Since 2000, the population of Pilsen has dropped by 8,000. Over the same period, Mass attendance across Pilsen has fallen by about 2,000.



There is a save the parish appeal on the parish website:

It's the cold hard truth, where is $5 million dollars going to come from.  It's not just a demographic change, but an allegory of the people of God abandoning their faith.  

Chicago Sun-Times: St. Adalbert to close, other Pilsen churches realigned
Chicago Tribune: Archdiocese to close St. Adalbert, reorganize five other Pilsen parishes

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