Bp. Callahan to kids: Being a priest is the best job, Han Solo, and 10 cups of joe

The grilling of Bishop William Callahan went on for 90 minutes Thursday.

“How is God everywhere every second?” The response: “Because he is God.”

“What’s your favorite ‘Star Wars’ character?” The response: Hans Solo.  [I'm sure Bishop got it right, but writer may be too influenced by the German culture] Incidentally, Callahan has seen the original “Star Wars’ film 11 times.

“Have you ever met anyone famous?” The response: Yes. “I’ve met Pope Francis. I’ve met Pope Benedict. I’ve met Pope John Paul II.”

“How much coffee do you drink a day? The response: “I probably drink at least 10 cups of coffee a day.”

“Do you like bubbles?” The response: Of course. “I like bubbles. Bubbles are fun.”

Callahan of the La Crosse Diocese took each question in stride at McDonell Central Catholic High School in Chippewa Falls in three sessions from K-12 students from Boyd, Bloomer, Chippewa Falls and Tilden. He also celebrated a Mass at the school as a part of Catholic Schools Week.
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Great article.

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