Dodgeville WI clothing company apologizes after backlash for featuring pro-abortion icon Gloria Steinem

A U.S. clothing company known for its family-friendly product apologized for its plan to tout a radical feminist in its catalogue after backlash against the campaign.

Dodgeville, Wisconsin-based Lands' End recently published its spring catalogue, complete with a cover graced by its usual theme of well-scrubbed and dressed adults and children, in this case happily engaged in an Easter egg hunt.

But the problem came once customers looked inside and encountered an extensive interview and photo shoot with abortion advocate Gloria Steinem, titled "Gloria Steinem – The woman who paved the way."

The catalogue spread caused controversy, including both individual customers and faith-based schools ending their relationships with the merchant.

Lands’ End pulled the online edition of the catalogue, which had been accessible via Google cache initially upon being scrubbed from the retailer’s site, but no longer is.
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This made national news, JS here, and Forbes here.

Of course, we also had feminist and pro-abortion rights advocates at St. Norbert's College recently host Ms. Steinem to help tout her anti-family legacy.  When you look at Steinem's twisted version of feminism, both marriage and pregnancy are the most oppressive forces in this world from which women must be liberated from.

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  1. Maybe their profits/sales were not down enough?


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