Wherein a friend finally returns a book, and addresses me by my proper title

... Not to be confused with the La Crosse team that plays at Duke University.

The book was
A Heart for Europe - The Lives of Emperor Charles and Empress Zita of Austria-Hungary

I highly recommend it.  

.... that reminds me, I must have loaned out my hardcover The Hobbit.  It was free on Kindle though, so I can read it to the kids without having to recite from memory.  


  1. Hilarious -- Duke of La Crosse. There's got to be a marketing campaign in that phrase just waiting to explode.

    Another book recommendation -- "the cypresses believe in god" by Jose Maria Gironella, translated from Spanish, printed in 1955 in the US. It's a novel, historical, based on the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the numerous factions that existed at the time, shown through the lives of one particular family. Oh, the emotional depth and stomach-tightening effect it has on the reader.

    1. Thanks for the tip Ann, the Spanish Civil War is a fascination of mine!

  2. You should have left your address - I could send you Trappist beer.

    1. !!! If I would have know free Trappist beer was in the equation, I would have chose differently!


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