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We are told by our speakers, all the time, that they have never seen anything like the AOTM. We live up to our reputation to be the largest monthly gathering of men anywhere in the western hemisphere. Please donate so we may bring you more AOTM events here in South St. Paul and more debates over the internet. The cost of our events has been continually on the rise. From additional insurance, rental fees, and kitchen equipment breaking down there is little money left for getting ourselves the tech equipment needed to bring these events to you via the internet. Besides all those expenses the web site and related services, mass email marketing services and audio and video tech have been donated for years and now AOTM needs to begin to pay for these tools. We ask all of you to please make a donation of $5 or more. We do not need much. In the past 15 years of AOTM we have never made a pledge for money in our email blast or on our web site (At least that I can remember). We have done a lot with very little and if you appreciate what we do please help us out. We would like to reach a goal of $7K. Be sure, no one here receives a cent for what they do. We all do this in the hope of helping souls get to heaven. God Bless.

Kent Wuchterl

President of the AOTM
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