Eligibility requirements for who can apply for Wis school vouchers are changing

The Aquinas Catholic School System in the La Crosse area became one of the first 25 schools or school systems in Wisconsin to take part in the Parental Choice Program when it began in 2013.

Aquinas is one of the seven catholic school systems Reichenbacher oversees.

“We have 66 schools in the Diocese of La Crosse,” said Reichenbacher.

Thirty-two of those schools take part in the state's School Choice Program. The majority of the students at those faith-based schools who received a voucher used the money to stay at their current school.

“That's pretty much across the board, roughly 80 percent, give or take an area, but the students were already attending the Catholic Schools,” said Reichenbacher.

Starting next year, students already enrolled in a private school can only receive a voucher if they're entering kindergarten, first or ninth grade in the current year. This is called ‘grade break.
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Yes, after the Germans ease up, I'll get back to daily postings.

One think though, 66 Catholic schools in D.Lax?  I count 35 but maybe I'm missing something.

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  1. There are 66 schools when you count the early childhood schools/programs.


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