Marquette continues McAdams suspension, requires admitting guilt

Marquette University President Michael Lovell today issued a statement saying,
"After months of deliberations, the [Faculty Hearing C]ommittee issued a thorough 123-page report to my office in January regarding Professor McAdams’ actions. It is noteworthy to mention that the report provided a unanimous recommendation on a path forward regarding the issue under consideration.

"Today, I want you to know that after significant personal deliberation, I have decided to formally implement the Faculty Hearing Committee’s unanimous recommendation."
Professor McAdams' lawyers issued a statement in response. It asserts,
"Today, the University ignored that its almost sixteen-month suspension of Dr. McAdams was improper."
It then goes on,
"While it followed the recommendation that he be suspended, it also imposed a requirement that, within two weeks, he admit his 'guilt.' If he refuses to do so, he will not be reinstated. Such a requirement of self-abasement and compelled speech was not recommended by the Faculty Hearing Committee.

"The Committee found that Marquette had improperly suspended Dr. McAdams in violation of his due process rights under the Faculty Statutes and disagreed with the University’s desire to terminate him. It did recommend that he be suspended for one to two semesters, with benefits, but without pay."
So in addition to saying Lovell's statement was misleading, this indicates the Committee said the University violated McAdams' rights, but Lovell is the one demanding an admission of wrongdoing.

(via Fox 6 News)

Update: Nico Perrino's report at Inside Higher Education adds this,

"McAdams’ lawyer told IHE that the apology and admission of guilt must come within two weeks or his client will lose his job. According to IHE, a spokesman for the university refused to answer questions about the university president’s role in demanding an apology."

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