St Joseph, German gay guy, and Good Friday fasting for Sweet Sixteen

I forgot to post this.  I like a punchy looking St. Joseph. He's all terror-or-demons-ing up in he'a.

Speaking of St Joseph, I got hit on by a gay guy at a German bar on the big feast day this year.  Oh those crazy Germans!  I was of course flattered.

Speaking of Germans, I am still under an imposing workload.  But as most give up the taint of the blogosphere for Lent, perhaps it is quite all right that posts have been slimmer than a Capuchin's belt during Holy Week.

Speaking of the Badgers, this video a million times over:
Brian Anderson has a great call.  Bronson is Catholic, BTW(well I think still, he is going to school in Madison).  And so is Kobe King, another Badgers recruit from La Crosse.

The Badgers play Notre Dame on Good Friday....  Shall we see if any players are weakened by their mandatory fasting, ala one of my all time favorites Hakeem Olajuwon.  I mean, the game is in the evening, I would think if a player were to actually observe the Catholic fast that it would indeed weaken them to some extent.  Maybe if bishops are big basketball fans, they make it rain dispensations.  Olajuwon actually could have been dispensed from the fast but chose not to take it.


  1. I bet he thought you looked like Stan Wawrinka.

    1. ROFL! I should have started singing and dancing... well probably not or he'd get the wrong idea.

  2. Was that Bill Murray looking despondent in a Xavier cap?

    1. Yes, his son is an assistant coach for Xavier.


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