Father Z's New York trip reminded me of something

On a trip with my wife this fall, we visited the NYC Public Library.

Impressive building(also of Ghostbusters fame), but as you can look around a little without a membership, I stumbled upon this.

A plaque next to the painting:

The Medieval Scribe
A monk of the Middle Ages, seated within the walls of his monastery, carefully copies a manuscript.  Behind the monk is a scene of violent destruction, illustrating the great importance of the medieval scribes in preserving the texts of the past - and thereby the thought and very history of humankind - for future generations. 

It's really blurry so I'll type it out

Someone better call Freedom From Religion Foundation, steeped in their scholarly expertise, to protect us from another one of these blatant Christian proselytizations!!  My God, a public library!  Is there no safe place for Free Thinking if not our public libraries!?!

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