Iowa bishop supports medical marijuana bill in letter to lawmakers

Bishop Snoop Dogg
Bishop Richard E. Pates of Des Moines urged state lawmakers to pass legislation that would legalize medical marijuana.

In a letter April 26 to House and Senate members, Bishop Pates said a comprehensive bill was needed to “give Iowans the ability to produce a safe and consistent treatment as well as provide a legal avenue for physicians to recommend it to those who are in need.”

It is legal in Iowa for people who suffer from epilepsy to use cannabis oil under a 2014 law approved by legislators. No other illnesses are covered by the law.

However, Iowans with epilepsy cannot legally obtain the medical cannabis in the state because legislators have not approved allowing for its production and distribution. Patients also cannot bring medical cannabis from other states without breaking federal laws.
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I 100% agree.  How these heavy narcotics produced by Big Pharma are legal and something like cannabis oil is not is absolutely absurd.  It's important to understand it is not a sin to use medically prescribed marijuana.  However, to withhold it from someone in need could be a sin.  Social connotations give it this eeeeevil aura of baaaaaad, which isn't a rational reason for a prohibition.  And neither is the fact one knew a guy who did it one time and he like just totally seemed messed up n stuff.  I heard Terry Nelson is going to be a test candidate after denied entry into this "religious order."

By the way, all narcotic laws in the US are racist and anti-immigrant in origin.  That said, I am only defending medical marijuana(for now).

I am the biggest liberal you know.

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