New Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcaster "Proud to be a Catholic father and husband."

First, It's OPENING DAY.  I know this year will be brutal for the Brew Crew, but God.Loves.Baseball and you should too!  Next, some shuffling in the Brewers radio broadcast team after Joe Block recently left.
This past offseason the Milwaukee Brewers lost a member of their radio broadcast team as it was announced that Joe Block would be taking the lead job for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Michigan native was with the Brewers for four seasons from 2012-15 but the allure of the number one job for the team in his wife's hometown of Pittsburgh was too great to keep Block in Milwaukee. Personally I was always a fan of his style and enjoyed his many "Block-isms" during each broadcast alongside Bob Uecker.

After conducting a thorough search for Block's replacement that involved sifting through over 200 applications, the Brewers have finally settled on a new radio voice.
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And from Grindle's twitter profile(right):

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