Queen of Apostles School in Pewaukee to close after all

Just a few months ago, families and students from the Queen of Apostles Catholic School were overjoyed to learn that, despite dangerously low enrollment, the Pewaukee school would keep its doors open for at least the next three years, thanks to a financial commitment from Queen of Apostles Parish that totaled over $600,000.

So, when the parish announced this weekend that it would have to close the K3-8 school after all, it was nothing short of “devastating,” in the words of school principal Christine Jackson.

“The time has come to confront the painful reality that our school cannot be sustained,” wrote pastor Fr. Chuck Hanel in an announcement distributed to parishioners and school staff last week. “Even at this late date, there are less than 25 children enrolled for next year. Under any reasonable calculation, this fact precludes opening the school next fall.”

In its Feb. 11 issue, the Milwaukee Catholic Herald ran a feature story on the school’s successful efforts to remain open; at that time, 36 students were enrolled for the 2016-17 school year. It’s not clear why so many students dropped out as the spring semester unfolded, said John Schueller, director of finance for Queen of Apostles Parish. However, because they did, it became impossible for the parish to keep the school open.
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  1. This was the intention of the pastor from the start!


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