St. Peter & Paul in Kiel WI breaks ground for addition

A groundbreaking ceremony for the first new church addition to St. Peter & Paul Catholic Parish in Kiel in a century has ushered in what leaders and members believe will be a welcoming environment and modernized building for all.

The 2,499-square-foot addition will increase handicap accessibility with a street-level entrance into the church vestibule, handicap accessible restrooms and a large elevator replacing an outdated, small lift.

“We sing the song ‘All Are Welcome,’ but we have to create a place and buildings that are welcoming and not just have stairs that people have to climb even as we say, ‘You’re welcome,’” said Pastoral Leader Joe Zenk.  [What is a "pastoral leader"?]

Denise Deibele, chair of the capital campaign for the St. Peter & Paul Parish project, said the vestibule addition will also allow for more space for weddings, funerals and general fellowship and will also include a coatroom.
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It's nice to see these larger churches updated with modern utilities versus tearing them down and building new churches.

In case you are at a parish where you have never heard of the hymn 'All Are Welcome'
Marty Haugen, (born December 30, 1950 in Wanamingo, Minnesota), is an American composer of liturgical music. Marty Haugen was raised in the American Lutheran Church (ALC) in Minnesota, and also writes contemporary hymns and liturgies for the Lutheran church despite being a member the United Church of Christ. Despite being a non-Catholic, his music has found favor in the both liberal Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations. Haugen holds a B.A. degree in psychology from Luther College and an M.A. degree in Pastoral Studies from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.


  1. That photo, that quote...ahhhh!

  2. I think "pastoral leader" is one of those made-up "ministries" that empower (usually liberal female) laity to run parishes. Also, couldn't they get a priest or deacon to do the holy water sprinkling? Laymen can't give blessings in the true sense of the word. That scene in the photo just looks...weird. Catholic in the sense of using holy water, Protestant in the sense of a guy in a tie performing the "blessing".

    1. If you go through the pictures, the pastor(priest) also blesses with holy water.


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